quinta-feira, dezembro 22, 2011

wasting my feelings.

I feel another rush of fear taking over me. I am worried sick about my emotions. What if I am wasting them on you? I am tired of feeling like a fool and I am sure my heart will be drained soon. My soul keeps pushing him back against the sore ribs, whispering that he should be quiet. I did kill my emotions but they kept coming back because my eyes got terribly lost in yours. Will you please fill my heart with all the right thoughts and caring words? He claims that you could be the better half of me and I can't seem to make him think otherwise. You have gotten under my pale skin and my hands keep longing for yours, especially during the silence of the cold, lonely nights. My heart needs to know if he can blend into yours, bolded in the eyes of eternity. So tell me, am I really wasting my feelings on you or do you feel the same way too?

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bruni disse...

que doceeee! oh, muito obrigada princesa